[Solved] Trouble with automatic sign in

I have searched through the prior topics and still can’t figure out the problem. I am trying to get automatic sign in and have followed with the template my blocks are, thunk and when I have verified the email if I use the live viewer I still have to sign in manually each time. Not sure where I have gone wrong

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Just looking quickly, your “> 0” logic should use “length of” function, too (under Text). I’m not sure if that’s causing the error, but that jumped out first.

Okay, I did change that, but still no dice

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Can you show new blocks?

Also, is your Results label showing anything?

Where is it stopping?

Tip: For debugging, I’ve recently starting using the Vibrate block/function (under Device) to let me know if certain code is getting triggered.

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I was just about to say, I think the problem is in “isEmailVerified” as the results label is triggered to “Please verify email” I can confirm though that the email is verified on Firebase and I can manually log in via the “already a user” button

I am not sure why it would be “not verified”


Are you sure you have valid values in stored Email and Password?

Where are you saving those? You can display them on the screen first to confirm.

If that is all good, try replacing isEmailVerified with true and see what happens.

I’ll give that a try, here is the screen I have been testing on (it doesn’t have my firebase account linked to it. https://x.thunkable.com/copy/74928de69e88a28b0e0c3d5803417cc5

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So as a new error its is telling me the “email is badly formatted” I am not sure what it means by that. If that is a code or a firebase problem

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So I went ahead and instead of separate variables for email in password I switched to 1 as follows

Annotation 2020-07-15 175210

It got the results I am looking for. Still not sure what “email badly formatted” means but this got me the results I was wanting so I will count that as a win