How can I avoid “The email address is badly formatted” when using Firebase?

hi, i was create sign up page follow by youtube thunkable step, went i want to run my page its say ‘the email address is badly formatted’.i have been research but i dont how to fix it. help me, i need to submit by tomorrow

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Hi I have read and watched every tutorial available and I can’t figure it out!

What are you trying to do and what is/is not working?

Hi Tatiang,

I have been able to create a login successfully & its recording in google sheets but every time I log in I get the error.

Please see the login details below.

Do you have a or email? If not it will reject it and give you that error

Yeah I have tried with various gmail accounts and that’s the error

Have you added in your firebase key and such? Also set up your firebase account to allow sign ups?

Hey there @chloe.r.mediaxn

What email are you using to signup with?

Pls try with password 111111

I signed up for an account with one of my test projects using those credentials. I’m sure they’re valid for a default Firebase project.

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Hi I have added firebase and the emails I have signed up they s seem to be reflected in the firebase database

So I just saw, you are calling sign in not sign up. go to the sign up page and try that instead

I did it successfully gets signed up - its just when you log in

Can you link your project? I will see if i can help debug

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Thanks Zander Thunkable


Of course this will fail. You are storing the password in the stored email variable

So you will always get a badly formatted email message.


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Hi I have fixed this and I am still getting the same error message


You need to fix the code in both Sign In and Sign Up screens and you also need to set the stored variable to NULL so it can be updated.

Just noticed another mistake

Happy Thunking!


Thank you it’s working now!