FB SignIn Email Error

Hi, I am having trouble with the sign in block by Firebase. For users that are correctly signed up, when I call the Sign In function it says “the email address is badly formatted”. Don’t understand why. I can see in Firebase Authentication that the email is there. Can anyone give me some help ? Thanks

Hey Stefano - can you include a screenshot of your blocks too please?


Hi, thank you for your prompt reply. I think I have made a little progress in understanding (maybe).

Here attached there is a screen shot of the sign up page and as you can see the keyboard of my iPhone is set to retrieve the password when the Input Email is in focus. Could this be the problem ?

In the blocks there is only some save functions to local DB, then I call the Sign Up (and in Firebase is successful) and then I call the Sign In in order to get the UserID. I put some labels to detect the error.