Sign in screen ISSUE

how can i fix this


Hi @Mikas_3D, can you maybe provide more blocks/screenshots? I am not sure what enter and next blocks are.
I think the issue is that you have the from next set visible to true after all the code, so even if it was empty it would not be visible but then that block would make it visible again.

the next block bring up blue login button to register username i dont want people to just click enter without putting a user username

See i think you have to put in the true or false blocks they are faded

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same issue i just want a a button for if user name text
is empty

Hmmm! strange i tried it and it worked for me

if i put next to false then the login button don’t show up

Hi @Mikas_3D,

I am unsure what this is actually achieving. Do you want the user only to be able to save data to the database when the text input contains text? And if it doesn’t contain text to disable the button.

yes i a have an existing app with no sign in so i dont want to use Firebase sign up
just a sing in user name saved to local data base . if person does not put username i dont want them to move to the home screen

if figure out what i was doing wrong