Firebase sign_in block changed since last update?

Hi all,
I downloaded a fresh copy of my application to test if the issue I reported earlier was solved with the new release (blocks show up when screen pressed for 3 seconds). The blocks no longer show up, so that issue seems to be fixed.

However, I cannot logon to my application anymore (uses firebase sign_in). I could login using the version that I previously downloaded. (nothing changed in the code in the mean time, only Thunkable was updated)

Does anyone know if something changed in the block for firebase login? (or does anybody experience the same issue?)


BTW: I checked my API keys, and they are ok. Also, the functionality to reset password (which uses the same sign_in block) still works normally. And yes, the userid and password are correct :wink:


We’re looking at the issue.


Thanks for your prompt action. Everything works fine again!
Regards Rob