SOLVED. Firebase Authentication block broken from 6-May on Android

From yesterday my App dont works authenticating on Firebase with email and password. The SignIn Call more exactly. Was working in the previous days but now something has changed on the block and return an error:
" v.default.get(this.settings).auth is not a function…"
In the responsive Wep App works perfectly and in IOS looks to work too but, on android NO.
Update. Is broken only on the Live Test option. If you download the compiled app, it works.
Plese ThunkableX Team Support can you look in to this ?

Solved updating Thunkable Live app to last version 185 ( 6 - May 2020) from Google Play Store.
Sorry for the Noise.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @Manuel_Lopez - thanks for joining the community :+1:

Can you check again please, making sure all your setting are correct and that you have the latest version of Thunkable Live installed, and let us know whether or not that works for you?