Broken Link (live test vs. downloaded APK)

I’ve been testing a registration page in my app. This has worked seamlessly in the live test via the Thunkable App. After entering the info, the user can click a Button which does 2 things: (1) saves to Firebase and (2) navigates to another page.

No issues with Live Test as this works perfect. However, when I download the APK, this no longer works.

What has happened to cause this error and how can I fix it?

Hey @newb2apps

Are you using your own Firebase API key for this?


Issue has since been solved

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Thanks @newb2apps - do you mind letting us know what the solution was? Just for the benefit of future readers!

@domhnallohanlon, I am not sure what the specific issue was. I deleted the block and recreated it identical to as it was. It then started working again. I assume this was either just a glitch or some other error, but for now it has not reoccurred. Wish I had something more specific to point to