My app when installed isn't working. Please help me

Hi all,

I just downloaded my APK file which I received through email.
It works fine in thunkable live.
Also, I downloaded the app a few days ago and it worked perfectly fine. I just made a few updates today and download it again. But now, it says “There has been a critical error”…and such…

I don’t know what to do… someone please help me…
I’m really worried right now.
I have to submit this today…

Please help me.
I’m desperate.

Can you show us your blocks and the error message?

I’ll take a wild guess - are you using stored variables? If so, are you checking if they’re null before trying to use them?


Ok sure.

I’ll give you guys my thunkable link.

And the error message is shown when I click the button “Add Income”.

It shows the same error when I click the “Add Expense” button.

i am unble to see the problem and test because the firebase tokens are set to empty.

Screenshot 2021-05-24 7.47.12 PM
Add those tokens and test again maybe that’s the problem.

@luvcoding_aish ,
So it crashes when you should go to add income screen sub main? Immediately, not after a button click on that other screen?

Sorry @catsarisky i don’t really get what your saying.
Can you explain a bit further?

It’s you who needs to explain further. Tell us precisely when the crash occurs.


It is not a crash i can’t test the app When it uses firebase with empty tokens.
Its the sign in screen.

Uh, luke? I was responding to the original poster, who reports a crash!

Thank you all for all your help!!!

It turns out to be a minor mistake of mine that caused the crash…

I gave “null” in an initialize variable block…instead of an empty string…
Many thanks to all who spent time to help me!!
(& sorry too)


I know that @catsarisky .
The question Just wasn’t really clear to me.
So that’s why i asked.