App Sign-in has stopped working

Hi, after enduring a barrage of medical appointments I finally returned to my app project to find that my app’s login page no longer works. After clicking the “Login” button the screen just stops at the “Loading Icon” and does not proceed past this. Even using the Live Test produces the same problem.

My app has never been published.

I have not altered or changed anything on this screen since I created it so, realistically, it should still work. I have tried searching through the Community to see if anyone else has experienced the same thing but could only find issues regarding Google Sign-In.

Does anyone know what might have caused this? Has Thunkable changed something in its blocks or maybe there is an issue with Firebase?

Any help regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

My Project: AvLog Group App
Link: Thunkable


My guess would be that the list of values block might not be working properly in the Get User function. What debugging have you done inside the Sign In block to figure out where exactly the problem is happening?

Hi @tatiang, I have done anything in my blocks because when I originally created this screen I copied a You Tube video so I don’t really understand much about the sign-in setup.

Here are my blocks:

How do I debug it?

Do I replace the list of values blocks by creating new ones or would that make things worse?

Here is my Firebase Sheet:


Here’s a method I use to debug blocks in Thunkable:

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Hi @tatiang, please see link to see what happened when I copied your blocks. I accidentally replied to the link you posted.


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