Page to page data requests

If this has been asked previously, I apologize; I attempted to locate a similar topic before posting.

I have built a simple sign-in process using Firebase, which works fine. I have also integrated Airtable, which also works fine (sending the request to pull data from the sheet isn’t an issue). Where I am running into issues is sending the request for data from the Airtable on, let’s say, page 1 and said data showing up on page 2.

To paint a picture, I have a landing screen that requires a user to input his/her email and password to continue forward. When a user inputs the email address, not only will the app contact Firebase to login the user, but it also reaches out to Airtable for information held under that user’s email address.

When a user clicks the “submit” button, it logs the user in and redirects to the “home page”. Within the home page is a section called “User Profile”. I want to be able to click on user profile and it display the data that was called from Airtable when the user submitted his/her login information on page 1 (landing screen).

Is it possible to do this? So far, I haven’t been able to make any sense of the available blocks to be able to pull a data request from one page and display on another.

Any help would be great.

You could simply save the information into a local db on screen 1 and load it again in screen 2.
Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the quick reply. Although I didn’t consider using LocalDB to achieve the result, to which I appreciate the suggestions, I don’t believe I can use LocalDB to save/get photos to be displayed with the user’s profile, unless I am mistaken?

Hi @Red77, welcome to the Thunkable Community!

The LocalDB is definitely a good way of storing data (especially if you’re using Airtable too) but you might be able to use a stored variable too, depending on your needs:

You can save the path to these assets and display them in any image component.

Disregard question. I have figured it out using the Local Storage option. Saving the value from the user login to Local Storage, then calling that key with the value linked to Airtable returns the information I was looking for.

Thank you for the assistance. I will look into that suggestion to see if it meets my needs more efficiently than what I have setup currently. Local Storage seemed to do the trick regarding my initial issue (sending request for data from page 1 and request for data showing up on page 2).

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