How to display information stored on one screen on another

I’m beginner and I’m currently working on Technovation project, so we are submitting idea about animals app, Where the user goes through the registration, enters the data of his animal (in this case only the name, what kind of animal it is and age) and after that it shows three functions, care, nutrition and health, now I am working on the second screen where there is an input where the customer must enter the name of the animal, as well as the age And type and I want it to display this information on the third screen, as well as a picture if possible, how can I do it, can you help me?

If you are storing data in a local data source, then you can access it from any screen. See this: Data Sources - Thunkable Docs

I’m using firebase database for User Sign Up/Log in, and I have another screen with input for Pet information and I want that pet information to become visible on a third screen. Should I use firebase database for this too?

Yes. If you’re storing data in Firebase then you need to use Firebase to retrieve that data.

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