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I recently came across your website and thought it might help me with my app idea. Just one question. Does it support offline version for users? Like if i create an app with content in it, could the users download the app and after that access all the content even if they are not connected to the internet?


Only if the content is packaged with the app or downloaded and saved locally somehow.

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As long as your content does not require internet access then you can design the app to work offline.

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Well, I intend to put the information in the app like a short article. However, I was wondering if the users can also upload images into the app. Like can they upload their own folders in the app created by thinkable, even if they are offline? Thank you.

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The simple answer is a Yes and No.

You can allow users to select images and save them with the app but in the other hand, without an internet connection the user selected images will stay in the device and therefore the same user using the app from another device will not see his/her selected images in the other device.


Ok, thank you, one last question. Could I create an app where users enter their daily weight or calorie intake? And they could track it over weeks or months. and will they be able to do even that with offline capabilities?

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In principle YES.

you may want to see if your future app matches any of the examples from a WDC (weekly developer challenge) from few months ago.

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