Scoping questions regarding offline app and thunkable

Hey All,

I have been using bubble for some years but I have a project that requires some things that bubble can’t do for me and I came across Thunkable amongst some other app builders like Appgyver and I just wanted to get an idea of whether Thunkable can achieve what I am looking to achieve and also how hard it will be.
Not so much hard in terms of learning and doing but does Thunkable excel in these requirements or will it be a hacky work around type of thing.

So basically I need an app that can work offline.

The user would fill out some forms for an audit, perhaps in an area with poor phone coverage, with the ultimate goal of exporting those form entries via a csv or some type of spreadsheet.

That spread sheet or a link to it, would then be sent via email to a specific email address.
I did notice google sheet hosting is possible so the biggest missing link may be the offline updates and the email ability.

I would love it if someone with some experience could help me out here…

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Absolutely possible with Thunkable.

  1. Offline entry - this can be done using the built-in Local Data Source. It’s a little clunky setting it up but not a big deal.
  2. Exporting local data to the cloud - Thunkable has many options for this including Google Sheets, AirTable and Firebase. Firebase is the fastest but it requires that you manage the structure of the data yourself.
  3. Sharing cloud data via email - I’m not sure about this one just because I haven’t done it. It’s probably pretty easy with Thunkable but might involve some API work.
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Nice thanks for the reply… For a pro how many hours do you think this would take…

App set up would basically be

Page: List of Inspections + Button to create new

Page: Create/Edit inspection - 20 fields, ability to upload image from phone camera for some of those fields

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It’s a little hard to estimate based on the info you provided. I’m not sure I could pinpoint it but probably at least a few hours to create the data input and syncing. That’s of course not including things like graphic elements.

There are also some shortcuts that can be used to clone components and save steps, to create what you need dynamically.

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OK Nice… is there a jobs board for freelancers for Thunkable… Where would I find a Dev to do the project?
What is a going rate for someone experienced?

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There’s not a specific category that I’m aware of but I think you can post your request in this category (Thunkable Discuss).

I haven’t done coding work for pay for a number of years but I was charging $60/hour back then. I don’t know what the going rate is but this article from 2018 gives some indication:

New Tool Details What a Freelance Developer Should Charge.

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Hi there,

Tatian has given you some excellent pointers here!

I’ll include a link to our Data Sources docs, since that seems like the focus of your inquiries.

You just need to create a row in a local Data Source using Text from some Text Input components, then later create a Row in your Google Sheet using the data from this Local Data Source!

You could set up an external service to send you an email every time a new row is created in your online spreadsheet. This would probably make more sense than the user sending you an email from the Thunkable app.