Open app content on the Internet?

Can I open the application content on the Internet, meaning that the application content will be opened online in order to reduce the size of the application?

With a Pro account, you can publish your project as a web app so that people can use it in a web browser.

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I suppose he/she means to have the app open image/song/film or whatsoever from the internet without having to save it as a project asset.

If this is required then the answer is YES.

No, I do not mean that I want, for example, when the application opens for the user to view an image or anything in the application there must be internet

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Yes, that’s what I mean, how do I do it then?

You can set an image’s source to a URL. (Just make sure the URL goes directly to the image, not to a website with an image on it.) You can do the same for sound sources, video, etc. Use the existing blocks, but instead of uploading a file, put in the URL instead.

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