Not able to add photos to the app from google drive link

I have a google sheet that has a link to an image. When i add the link directly, it is displaying, but when i add the link through the sheet, its not displaying.

it works when i do :

What am i doing wrong while reading?
This is the sheet. All the other fields are filling properly.

The “Image” column in your Google Sheet is already a url. You don’t need to get the “url” property of it. It’s not an object that has properties. It’s just a text string. So, you can assign item #1 of the list of values in that column as Image1’s Picture or you can use the Get Value block from the Data Source drawer and set the row id to 1, which is what I would do.

Note that if you are using Google Drive links for your images, the links must be publicly shared to work in your app.

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