How to get images from a spreadsheet and put them in the screen?


I have a spreadsheet with 3 columns: name, image and rule. I have a fold with images in the drive and I copy each image’s link for the correspondente row in spreadsheet.

On thunkable screen, I have two labels: one for name and another for rule and an image. In the blocks, I get the information from spreadsheet and put them in the screen in their respective places.

The label with name and rule are working correctly, but the image doesn’t work, no image appears in the screen.

I’ll attach the blocks print so you can understand.

Hope you can help me.

  1. Set a Text Input’s text to the get row object block for the “Foto” property.
  2. Copy the result from the Text Input field.
  3. Open an Incognito window in Chrome or another browser.
  4. Paste the result and press return.

Are you able to see the image in the browser when you do that? If not, then you need to fix the image url permissions.

Are these Google Drive images or are they stored on your hard drive? It would also be helpful if you can post the image url from the spreadsheet so we can check it.

Hello @pg5036870 :wave:
The images need to be saved as URLs on your Google sheet.
Could you please try it?

I opened the url’s link from images that are on spreadsheet on an incognito window and I was able to see the picture that I want to appear on thunkable’s screen.

The pictures are saved on Google Drive and the pictures’ links are from there.

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I would think that they would work with the get row object as long as your property name exactly matches the column name (“Foto” with no spaces).

Can you post one of your urls?

The urls that I use in image columns are from a spreadsheet in Google Drive.

Here is a url from the spreadsheet: 2 de paus.png - Google Drive

Hey @pg5036870 :wave:
You need the URLs that end in a file extension such as PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG, etc.
Try to use Cloudinary instead of Google Drive.

Yep. @pg5036870 The urls you’re using are a Google Drive handler for images. They aren’t actually direct links to the images themselves.

I tried with URL from original website, but it did not work on thunkable.

I used this URL: 2 de copas.png (538×689) (

If you try to assign that to an Image component in the design tab in Thunkable, it doesn’t show anything. You need a url that works when manually assigned to an Image component.

Maybe that one fails because it has two spaces in the url?

I would recommend trying to host the images in Cloudinary as @ioannis suggested.

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