Where to store images for a google sheet to be displayed

I have a google sheet i use to populate a Dataviewer List.
In a column of this sheet there are links to images stored in my Google drive.
For example this one.

Both the images and the parents folders are shared for everyone who has the link, but the dataviewer can’t show them.
So I’m looking for an easy way to store some picrures and share them. I don’t want to migrate my whole sheet, only to store and display images.
Which service do you suggest? or there is a way to display images from google drive?
thank you so much

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By default, the images in Google drive are not URL accessible and whether you use Thunkable or any other platform the images will not be accessed using a direct URL. This is intentional by Google so that free users do not use the Google drive as an image cloud.

You need to change the link of the image above to the following to make it accessible in the Data Viewer.


so, you need to change the URL in the worksheet to be in the above format so that the Data Viewer or the image component can view it.

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Perfect! It seems to work, even if… it could be tricky in the evolution of the app. But, one step at a time.
For now it can solve my problem without using other services i don’t need :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!

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It is not only to remove the /file/d/ and replace it with /uc?id=.

You also need to remove the /view at the end of the original URL.

I’m glad it worked for you.

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