Photo links from google sheets are not displayed in data viewer list

I’m uploading lots of photos to google drive to benefit from its huge free storage, but those links when are in the data sources are not recognized by the Data viewer list so the photos are not shown,
So are there any solution to this, especially my app will have huge amount of image links and Cloudinary is not suitable as its free plan is quite limited and the paid plane is expensive for me .

Hi @minamaestro2023kg, thanks for reaching out about this.

You will run into issues with showing any links for images unless they are specific to the file itself and end with the image types extension e.g. Can you confirm whether or not the image links are set this way?

Thank you!

ChatGPT suggested a way to convert the Google Drive image url to a direct url. It might work for you:

This was the Drive link I gave it: plane_loopy.png - Google Drive

The result in the second code box above was:

This is interesting. It does push out a link where you can download the direct image but that still will not show in a Data Viewer

It worked when I tried it! :smiley:

Oh wait, maybe that’s because I have access to that Google Drive file?

Edit: oh weird. I tried four variations of the urls above and three of the four displayed the image in a Data Viewer List with a local table. But now when I preview again, only one of them works. This url:

@matt_conroy If you preview the first screen of this project, do you see a single plane like in my screenshot?


I’m realizing that it may only be grabbing the thumbnail of the original image from Google Drive. Hmm.

I do! You may have figured out something big here! :exploding_head:


Thanks for your response, I think the solution to copy the direct google drive URL.
like this

this Works fine and you can try it yourself.

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