Data_Viewer Google sheets Pictures

I tried to connect a Google sheet to Data_Viewer_Grid with a sheet containing pictures.
Connecting a sheet wit “ordinary” data works.
But when a cell contains a picture it will not be displayed. (With Airtable it works)

Is it not possible to use a Google sheets containing pictures as data?

I haven’t tried to use a Google sheet, but I have used Airtable and Cloudinary. I suspect the issue is the nature of the data - airtable stores a picture as a URL which your Thunkable app can find when the URL is assigned to an image component. Cloudinary also returns a URL. You can upload images to Cloudinary in a Thunkable app, using the camera blocks. I’d assume you can use images that are stored anywhere in any of the spreadsheet tools as long as the queried data returns a URL.
So I’d check what the app is getting from the google sheet and then proceed once you understand the kind of data being returned.

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