Images from Google Sheets Not Loading - Can't figure out why?

I am using thunkable for the first time with my Grade 8 students (age 14). I love your tool but I am running into a simple problem that is stumping me. Here is the problem:

When I build a simple table in Google Sheets with name, image and price columns and try to view the data, the image column does not show? Is it a format issue?

[test database ]
(test - Google Sheets)

When I built a similar test db with airtable, there was no problem.
Google Sheets would be my preferred db tool for students.

Any suggestions?


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If you have somewhere to store the image (a website or similar) and provide the URL (the link to the image) in the sheet then Thunkable can retrieve the image by the link in the sheet.

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Thank you - that worked! I was hoping to avoid having to use a URL but if that is the only option then we will make it work for us.

There is a new feature in Google Sheets where you can insert an image into a cell. Much easier for my students to use - any thoughts about getting that to work with thunkable?

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Haven’t tried myself. Maybe someone from the community can give you the answer.