No (Android-)Bugs being fixed

Beside all my love for the new/under development Thunkable X I start to become quite annoyed that apparently none of the current Android bugs are solved and there are quite a few and they also did not just appear yesterday… I think it is the wrong turn to focus on a new alpha platform that does not yet even support all the basic features while turning the back on the Android version that thousands of people already use and love…

I took quite some time and effort to gather and provide as much details as possible on a lot of bugs I came across but I don’t have the feeling that anybody really cares about solving them…

For example I created a topic mode than 2 months ago providing details on bugs I encountered. Out of this topics 12 bugs/problems only one was solved so far:

I really hope that the Thunkable team does not forget about the Android version since it is the only version right now that is theoretically capable of creating full working apps but it makes it increasingly hard to work and try to bypass all the bugs…

Just my thoughts on that topic.

best, Chris


This has been an issue since start. Thunkable Team will not do updates to Android Platform. Due to this problem few good developers moved out and launched Makeroid. It is like love at first site and breakup when you know It. But that how thunkable works.

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