Thunkable x api will also update as the classic one and also get ADMOB features?

i made application on your x.thunkable . everything was fine but at the time of uploading google console notify me that api level is not accurate later i found that you are working on that My main query is that will you update api veles of x.thunkable too .Second one is i made an android application on your platform x.thunkable everything will be fine in future tooo? Third one when you will start admob on that?

please help me fast its very urgent

I also got that problem and create a discussion on thunkable. I think there are no solutions. only thunkable community can help us.

yes…they will update in august

How do you know it?

i raised same question previously and power thunkable members responded same.

Didn’t they told you the date with how many days for new update?

no they just gave me assurance that keep on working they will update API in august . i am also facing problem while uploading different application.

Thank you for response and for everything

your most welcome… dont worry all are facing this issue and we hope that they will update soon