When is the next update?

When is the next update for thunkable X?

I’m hoping we get some new components

The next update will be around June 12th. Info from docs:

Bug fixes

    Solves some issues with Thunkable Live app on Android
    Reduces project saving issues

Do you want to see new components at all or do you need any specific components for your application?

AdMob is the top component I would like to see but however with people creating ad apps I would assume it’s hard for Thunkable to keep the support for it up unless they switch to another provider or do something else

Also it’s June 14th in Australia, and 13th everywhere else, you trying tell me you traveled back in time 1 day?

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Source of information here.


Oh ok

What? In europe, Hungary :hungary: is 14th too. Time zones are difficult :wink: