Play store going to increase API level no more Thunkable is this true?

I get informed that from august play store goining increase API level 26 (for increasing security)
after that we can’t upload apps with API level below 26 currently thunkable has API level 22 .
All apps that have API level below 26 have to update after august this can be only done by thunkable.
what will we do I am also creating app. :cry::sob:
I love Thunkable :cry:

You don’t want to create multiple posts, the Thunkable team is working on it and you can upload apps until August 1.
After August 1, you have to wait a few weeks for thunkable to increase api level.

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Thunkable community told me that they are creating a new update with more features and with API level greater than 26. @jerinjacob is true because they told me it will release after 2 or 3 weeks

this content is about thunkable X

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