Is there any news about thunkable X API problem

Is there any news about thunkable X API problem?

  • Thunkble X apps are still not publishable.
  • Why?
  • Do thunkable community know this problem?
  • Why don’t thunkable X use’s API 26?
  • Thunkable X is no longer useful
  • Is there any updates?
  • Is there any way to reset API level

There are lot’s of problems about API situation but however can anyone help me with this situation

It’s argent! Need help as soon as possible! :checkered_flag:

A new release is coming soon with API 26 and your apps will be publishable. Just a few days.

Really!.. How do you know?
Did thunkable community told you?

I’m so exited :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

If you check the thread where the developpers exchange with the community you can see that a few weeks ago they said to wait a few weeks and you can tell that it’s a major issue so everybody on thunkable is probably working on it, give them time :slight_smile:

It gives you time to finish the last details of your app tho

Have a nice and bright day :wink:

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Thank you!.. :slightly_smiling_face:

What does mean by few days? Is it mean 10 or 5 days or 1 week

I’m going to tell you 10days so you don’t shout on me later on :wink:
No for real they are working on it and there is many topics concerning this so they are well awared.
Nice day :slight_smile:

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Hey developers,

Thanks so much for your patience. We are on the last stages of testing for API 26 and hope to make that available this week on Android.

On iOS, some folks have experienced issues publishing due to a recent change that Apple made making it difficult if not impossible to turn off 2-factor authentication. We are looking into workarounds for this now.

We will post to #Announcements when we have more detail and appreciate your patience as we try to get these fixes out as soon as we can.

Albert @ Thunkable