Thunkable X Apps still not publishable to Google Play Store

It’s been 11 Days since Google blocked Apps with API Level 22, and 9 Days since Thunkable Classic has been fixed.
When is Thunkable X finally getting fixed?

Bro, it will get fixed after 2 weeks. Don’t worry, everyone is phasing to this problem on these days me and you etc. What I do is developing apps by using thunkable classic.


You gave the answer to the asked question. It’s all.

Why are you unnecessarily advertising your app on almost every post?

Please don’t do this.

I can see you have created a topic related to your app in #SuccessfullyTHUNKd category. So instead of posting your app link in other topics, what you can do is post some screenshots of your app in your original topic you created to make it more readable and attractive for other members. Also don’t forget to give credits to extension developers, if you have used any of their extension in your app.



Ok, thanks copied it

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The thing is i cant transfer my thunkable x project to thunkable classic…

Sorry, you can’t transfer X projects to Classic. But you can start your project again on thunkable classic.

@pxng, We really hope you can hang in there an wait for our support of target SDK 26 in Thunkable ✕.

Just to be sure, is this an entirely new app, that has never been published to the Google Play store? I’m just checking, because app updates of target SDK’s lower than 26 are allowed until November.


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It used to be an update, bur I had to republish as a new app because all Builds failed for no reason (I had to clone it to another user and then back to make it work again)

You still should be able to publish it as an update by using the package ID of the preexisting app (see here for how to enter it).


I can’t - the signatures don’t match up. Has the API been upgraded yet?

Where, exactly, are the signatures not matching up? Is it when you upload the app to Google Play? Was the previous version of the app created with Thunkable ✕ or something else?


Previous version was also made with Thunkable X. I couldn’t submit the uodate via google play.