Update app created with thunkable classic

This is my first message on this forum. First of all, thank you to the entire team of thunkable for this wonderful tool!
Here is my problem: I created an app for Android using thunkable classic, which I published on Play Store. If I redo the same app with thunkable X, by choosing the same package name, will I be able to update my app on the Play Store? Or will there be a problem because of the keystore?
Thank you in advance.

Currently right now Thunkable X doesn’t support Android publishing (even though you can upload the apk to play console) I have no idea when they are going to support it because it looks like to me that they don’t care about it anymore

That is incorrect. The latest release added support for Android publishing.

Check the release notes:


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We started supported publishing on Android in our latest release – thanks @Conor for spreading the word!

Albert @ Thunkable


@albert @Conor Please answer this, I am also looking for this answer.


If your app has the same package name and is signed with the same certificate, then yes - you can update it in the app store. You can download your certificate (keystore) file from Thunkable classic and sign your new apk manually.

Check this out (ignore the part where changing app package name is described):

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There should not be any issue as per the terms.

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