After updating api playstore my android app will not open anymore

Dear Thunkable staff, thank you for your work!
I have updated two Android apps one with Thunkable classic(after Api of the playstore has been updated in August) and one with Thunkable X (after Api of the playstore has been updated in August).
The application for Android classic had no problem and everything works fine after my update.
While the Android application that I updated with Thunkable x, after the update no longer opens, crashes at the opening.I had never had a similar problem.
I tried to install and uninstall the app several times and tried to download it on three different devices (one with Android Lollipop, one with Nougat and one with Oreo) but the problem is still the same, the app no ​​longer opens.
Someone have already updated an android app with Thunkable x after August Api level update ?
Thank you so much

Something similar happened to me. Try cloning the project to another account, adding a screen, and then cloning it back to your original account. (You can’t publish this app as an update unless you are using a custom cert)

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