Ideas for forum and editor improvement

Hello all,
Thank you for all of the hard work you Thunkable staff do. As some recent bugs have been worked on recently, I have been able to review some of the processes and speeds of the Thuankable Staff. There have been a few things that were a little discouraging.

A quick side note before I get into it, there were some really good comments made in this post that I think would be great options or ideas to look into. On the occasion of all the crashes of the application in Android 9 and higher version

Next is how forum topics are related. I think it would be really helpful if there was to LINK TOPICS TOGETHER. Over the past few days, there have been a few threads that are all revolving around the same issue. It would be great if we could link them together, and you can easily see what topics are related, and move between them. Also when there is a solution for all of them, Staff can make one post or announcement and it goes to all of the linked issues. This would help keep threads with the same issues from duplicating.

Another thing would be making sure that when there is a bug fixed, users are informed, that way we can test and make sure everything is working. Also on the GitHub page, it would be great to get more feedback on the process. The people who post there are usually more knowledgeable than the average Forum users, more data could be useful.

Great work and Thank you!


@bnice , there is an ability to merge forum threads. I’ve seen Dom do it. I don’t know if any non-staff have the ability (although I know @tatiang can close threads, so maybe he can do that also).

Yep. Actually, it’d be great if when there’s a major breaking bug identified users could be informed, too. Lots of people who eventually posted on forums had wrangled with the bug for hours before realizing it wasn’t them when they read the forums. The mechanism exists to do a pop-up on the block/designer page, and there’s also email.

It’d be really useful if there were an accurate status page for all Thunkable blocks, documenting known bugs. It could be community maintained – I don’t think current staff are in a position to take on anything else. I’ve contemplated starting one. Having said that, this week has really reminded me that any programming I do on Thunkable is completely held hostage by the company. If Thunkable breaks something and my apps are inoperable for days/weeks/months, there’s not anything I can do about it. I can’t just move my (no)code somewhere else.

There are a lot of things I really like about Thunkable and I have a lot of respect for the Thunkable staff members who engage with the community on the forums. BUT the fact that broken code keeps getting rolled out makes me think that something is pretty fundamentally wrong with some part of their process. I know nothing about Thunkable’s processes, but new bugs that break important features in big ways (weeks of no sound on iOS, this week’s datasource bug, the day of no label text) make me think there’s not any acceptance testing going on before deployment. Add that to the lack of communication, and yeah. I’m aggravated.

I like “no code”, but I’m not wedded to it. I might go put my energy into learning React Native for a while. It’ll be fun to see if I can re-implement some of the stuff I built for previous WDCs in code.

Sorry for rambling.


@catsarisky I hear your frustration and often share it when things aren’t communicated and/or resolved in a timely way. I do have the ability to merge topics but I don’t because I’m hesitant to mess anything up on the forums. I’m not entirely clear how the merge function works.

And just to put this out there because sometime’s there’s confusion about my role here: I’m a user just like 99% of the people on the forums. I don’t work for Thunkable but I do volunteer my time to help others and I’ve been given a moderator role on the forums which I take seriously and do my best to enhance the experience for other users here.

I know I don’t need to explain that to you but this seemed like a good time to mention it.

I hope you stay… you make a big positive impact around here… but I get that you might need to move on.


Thanks for your kind words, @tatiang. :slight_smile: I think you’re a huge asset around here, too! (And I knew you were also “just a user”, but I know folks get confused about some of us regulars sometimes…)


I share you the same feeling specially @catsarisky is the dynamo of this community but in all honesty, applying untested/unapproved modification to production is alarming. If it is actually tested/approved it would extremely alarming and Thunkable really needs to look into the application of changes procedure and the roll-back procedure in similar cases to this incident.


You said it better than I could, @muneer. :slight_smile:


Agree! Without @catsarisky (and you, @muneer and @tatiang ) I would be sitting at the computer everyday , stuck at every 5th block. But at this point, GitHub bugs aren’t being addressed and there are so many bugs with Thunkable (the visible absolute-positioning on Android is a huge disappointment since I have to create ‘set size to 0’ and ‘set size to 50% or whatever’ functions ). I don’t ask anything except that these long standing bugs be addressed quickly (I don’t use iOS but I found the wait time for the no sound issue quite long) and GitHub requests also be addressed. I have a 19/20 day old Data Viewer bug in GitHub and I haven’t received any response.

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@catsarisky As someone who has benefited from your presence immensely, the community would be at a major loss if you were to leave, but as @muneer said broken code is problematic. Regarding what was brought up in a different topic, do we want features or working blocks? I personally feel that working blocks that are working at high constant performance is more important than new features rolling out quickly. I do not feel risking old blocks for new blocks is a wise idea for Thunkable at this time.