New Publishing Requirement: Google Play app account deletion

Hi Thunkers!

We’ve been made aware of a new Google Play policy requiring all apps on the Google Play Store that allow users to create an account to allow users to request that their account also be deleted, both from within the app and through a separate web page. While the deadline to add this capability and complete the data deletion questions in your app’s Data Safety policy is set for Dec 7, 2023, you can request an extension to May 31, 2024. Once available from Google, the form to request an extension will be available on your Google Play console.

As an app developer on Google Play, you will be required to take two actions based on our interpretation of the policy:

  • “…You must disclose if your app provides account deletion and provide the web link within your Data safety form in Play Console. ”
  • You must allow users to complete their account deletion request within the app itself, or “…you can choose to provide a link within your app that takes users to your app account deletion web resource.”

Requests for account deletion must be completed by you, the owner of the app, “within a reasonably quick period of time.”

While approved implementation options have not yet been shared by Google, Thunkable app builders who want to easily incorporate a web link for users to request account deletion can consider doing so via a Google Form. We will continue to monitor and do our best to interpret how the Thunkable community can best comply with this policy.

You can find more information from Google about this policy at the following link: Understanding Google Play’s app account deletion requirements - Play Console Help

Please share any questions below, as well as any other ideas for how to have your apps comply with the new policy.

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Thank you @matt_conroy for informing.

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Hi @matt_conroy … Thank you for the heads up. I want to confirm that is this condition only applicable to those apps in which there is a feature of account creation or does it mean that we should have the feature of account creation and deletion in all the apps.

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@cseducator_mindchamp Correct, you only need to do this if your app would include some sort of account creation process. Those without do not need to implement this new requirement.

Thank you for your response. It helps.

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@matt_conroy I think you should create one more announcement requesting users to change their air table integration method to OAuth ( Jan 2024 API key deprecation )

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