Need help with Airtable

I have an app where people can ask and answer questions. What is the best way of creating three separate lists of questions asked by the user, questions answered by the user, and questions answered by other users?

I understand what you mean and this is “possible” in Airtable but I don’t know if it’s such a good idea.

The fact that you have many users replying to one question for organisation sake you’d need infinite columns. Your only option in this case is have a column which in each row of that column, you have the answered questions. So you’d have to do some sort of list from csv to get all answers.

Your best to have each user in firebase real-time dB and have a unique code for each question, then list all users who have this code as a child property of the users parent in database.

Also if you can be more detailed that’d be great because I may have picked u up wrong. :slight_smile:


You picked up right, except I’m making it so that the first answer is the only answer. Right after its answered, its moved to a new table with the question, email of person who answered it, and the answer. Can you explain what you mean I’m not good with firebase? Thank you

I have three tables:
One with a question and the users details
The second with the question, the answer and the person who answered it details
and the third the email and balance whenever someone requests a withdrawal

Could I somehow integrate the firebase and the airtable together for the profile part?

When you say balance and withdrawal, what kind of app are you making? If I can better understand your app I can help you better.

If you are having questions and only 1 answer, then have the following collumns:

Column 1: Person asking the question
Column 2: The question.
Column 3: The person who answered it.
Column 4: Their answer.
Column 5: Balance.
Column 6: Withdrawal.

Again I am unsure what Balance and Withdrawal have to do with it.

The app I’m making is paying people who answer well-thought out questions. The problem I’m running into is how to get the the row number of each person to add to their profile (so they can view what they asked, who responded, and the users answers)

this sounds like a VLOOKUP. here is an example of what i think you are getting at. You need to learn how to work with the airable data through filtering. Here is one example.

So, hereI first filter out any rows based on not being current user.
then i filter all data that arent from the current quiz set.
and here on the screen titled ‘filtering data’ [mind you this screen doesnt work, i just coppied it over from another project. look at the blocks.

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