Airtable Chat app

Can any one please tell !! how to make a airtable chat app
, from 1 year I am searching how to make a airtable chat app

I have checked the project named " Chat app With Airtable "
it is good but i also wanna make that chat app By using Airtable

I only want to know that how many rows we have to create or how many columns we have to create
in Airtable…
That’s it
Please Help

How many total users do you envision using your Airtable chat app? Let’s start with that question.

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Minimum 10 people

Are you familiar with using the filter methods and the manual api connection? I ask as our native blocks don’t make it easy to create a chat app with Airtable, nor is it likely the best method you’d want to use unless you don’t need live updates and don’t mind that your chats wont be private.

I think your best bet would be to use firebase but I’m not always right and there’s more than 1 way to get the job done!

Using firebase allows you to more securely store data using privacy rules that will prohibit me from reading your docs if I’m not supposed to be reading them. It also has a much more generous free tier, though it’s not as easy to consume the data in all fairness.


okay i will use firebase but in firebase if we write same room it will not give the history of that room

When you save data in Firebase, you can access that data however you like. So if two users enter the same “room” property value, they will both have access – if you decide that’s what you want – to that data.

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