Chat app with Airtable

Check out this
Chat app using Airtable

You can even delete the messages in airtable if you find them personal

This is great @wind.eagle1234 - thanks for sharing.

I’m moving it to its own post so it gets a bit more attention.

Do you have any tips for other Thunkers who want to use Airtable in their chat apps?


Do either of you know if there is an advantage or disadvantage using Airtable over Firebase? I admit, I do find Airtable easier to navigate so I’m excited to try this.

Sorry for bumping topic but @wind.eagle1234 can tell how he has made the airtable the grids because i am not getting how he made that and how many column he has made pls tell it’s a request

the topic’s 11 months old @rishabh_2008

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