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My name is Shaabaz. I read another topic on the community where I guy needed help changing the login email for his sign in because one email he was paying for pro and he has his big project on it. Well, I have landed myself into the exact same situation. I created my account with the wrong email address and I have ones that more easier to use and the one my Thunkable account uses is kinda full and can’t receive login emails or anything. One person said there is a manual way to fix it and I can give you the email for my Current Pro one and a new one if that helps but please fix it. I love coding and I really wanna continue but it is hard without Pro (this one (the one I am on right now) I just created purely for the ability to post this on the community). Thanks in advance.

Current Thunkable Email Account With Pro:

One I Wish To Change It To:


Hi @shaabazkhan11
It’s not currently possible to change the email address of an account.

We recommend that you make a new account, then share your app projects from your old account to your new account.

The easiest way to do this would be to keep your old account open in your browser, generating share links, and opening the links in your new account in an incognito/private browser window.

If you have published any of your apps to the Play Store or the App Store, you will need to export the keystore of those apps, and import the keystore to the copy of the app.

You can learn how to do this here.

But I paid for PRO on the other one. Is there a way to move PRO to this one

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