I lost access to my REAL account on Thunkable

I had an account on Thunkable before and I had Thunkable PRO on it. But recently, I got a factory-reset on my mac and I lost access to the school email address that I was using for my PRO account. Is there any way I can recover all my projects and PRO membership without opening a new account (well, I already have) and paying for PRO again. My username on the other account, which was PRO, if it helps, “shaabazk”. I can still search up my account and view my projects there but I want to be able to edit them and create the private projects. If it also is necessary, the email I signed up with for the PRO account was “sakha4@schools.vic.edu.au”. I really don’t want to have to go to the 10 project limit so please answer my plea for help! Oh and I forgot the password I used to sign up for the PRO account.

@shaabazkhan11 Hi there, you would need access to the original email account to sign into it again. Thunkable does not use passwords for email logins–we send an email to the address provided with a secure link to log in.

Perhaps you can check with an administrator at your school who can help out?

I don’t know how I can do that because I have changed schools and most teachers don’t stay long after school, especially the IT admin, you can only see him during school times.

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