Lost Access to Main Account

This is an interesting scenario that I’m in.

I had an email that was linked to my company website. Changed my domain over to my current hosting provider. Turns out they don’t host email…I had email setup on the old setup. That was the email I used to create my thunkable account, pay for Pro, and almost finished my first big project on here.

Today I navigate to thunkable and it asks me to sign in, and then it dawns on me what kind of a hole I dug myself into.

If it is possible to switch my email on my main account to one of my personal ones that I can definitely get into, that would be awesome. If possible, you could even nuke this account and replace the email of the main with the one I used for this temp account.

Please let me know if there is anything that can be done, because I’m paying for Pro on the other account, and also have a project there that I’ve been working on for the past several weeks.

Hi @i_like_to_code :wave:

That sounds like a bit a dilemma to be fair. There is a manual way of changing email addresses but it requires that you have access to both of your email accounts to confirm the change over.

Can you send me a PM with the details of your old and new accounts, and the project(s) that you were working on and I’ll see what we can do here on our side.



Hi @Domhnall

Will do! Thank you for helping me out!

@Domhnall Sorry to ping you again, but I tried to send you a PM and it gave me a message saying that I was not allowed to do that. Is there a way to temporarily un-block me from messaging you?