I lost my main Account

Hello Thunkers! :tada:
This is Kartik.
This is my other account…

Around 2019-08-09T09:30:00Z, I opened Community to explore on my main account. Suddenly, a popup came - “You were logged out.” I clicked Refresh,

Everything was gone. (my main account was not there in the community. it was asking to login)… :fearful:

My x.thunkable.com page has my very-personal email with all my Big projects.
My community has my Mom’s email, (main account) which is not similar to thunkable x.

I want my mom’s email back on community… :cry: (My Thunkable X is all fine)
Can I get some help? please…

@domhnallohanlon, @Conor can u guys help??

Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there,
I’m wonder,your main account sometimes get online.

When did your account get lost? you last onlined
(I hope you understand the chinese)

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No! :sweat_smile:

Yes… I also found it when i was writing this topic… :ghost:

You last.online : 32 minutes

:fearful: :scream:

Anyone can help??

Can any @admins help me?
I’ve lost all of my progress of the main account :slightly_frowning_face:

It will,
because Thunkable has enabled SSO, Single account for both Thunkable X and Community :no_mouth:

before SSO, this problem was not possible.

Hi @kartik14,

With SSO, you could not sign into 2 different accounts at the same time using the same browser. Could you try to logout your Thunkable account and refresh the page making sure signed out? (If you have some Ad Blocker plugins installed, it might prevent the page functioning as expected).

If you still experiencing difficulty signing in using the account under Kartik, please provide more details such as screenshots so we could further assist you. Thanks!


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Many thanks for responding, @tingccc :slight_smile:

Yes. It is working :+1:


When I sign in @ Thunkable X with email associated with Kartik (main account), community is activated with it (my main account) :+1: :+1:
But, Thunkable X is of no use on that account :pensive:

Let me clarify :

  • Main Thunkable X account (all my projects) = this community account (low progress).
  • Other Thunkable X account (no projects) = main Community account (high progress)

What I want is -

  • Main Thunkable account = main community account :smile:

Thanks a lot :smile:

Can i get any Help?

Hello, @kartik14

To swap your account, what you’ll need to do is to swap your email address under your community accounts. To start, please go to preference and change your email address following the instruction from the discourse.

Note that you’ll need a third email to swap because the same email cannot be used by 2 accounts. The steps will look like below:

Change Kartik14’s email to the third email address
Change Kartik’s email to Kartik14’s email (main email address)
Change Kartik14’s email to Kartik’s email

The third email is only used for receiving confirmation emails.


I think your account here is okay, as Thunkable Community does not let me sign in on my secondary email (this account), but instead, only signs me in on my Thunkable X main account (one for making projects) via smartphone ONLY. (I can force it onto a specific account via desktop). I believe this is an issue with Google sign in though.

Is this like your issue? I mean your account can’t be deleted if you can still search for it. And even then, if it was deleted, a moderator could probably pull it back from a backup.



Okay. I did that & this happen’d :

I can’t still access my main account :sleepy:

But, Thanks for yr idea! :slight_smile:

Try signing out of all of your accounts, or try incognito mode so it does not remember old account sign ins


from both?

Remove your Google Account and try again maybe. Google Sign In can be annoying by trying to be too helpful. Try another browser or incognito.


I did this today morning itself. The above screenshot is the result. :frowning_face:


Good Idea!

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Thanks, @eoinparkinson!
I got my account back on other browser - Opera.
I use Chrome every time.

I may sometimes be online by this account, & sometimes by @kartik14.

So, @tingccc, Will this create a problem for everyone if I use both my accounts to reply to someone?
Clearly, Can I do this -

I may sometimes be online by this account, & sometimes by @kartik14.

Thanks! :smile: