All my thunkable projects disappeared

Help! My projects disappeared from my account after getting logged out after the 30 days thing and there is no more projects! I also have pro and that disappeared as well

I think you’re going to need help from @Thunkable_Staff on that one, not just the forum members. But you might want to confirm that you are definitely logged into the right account. You didn’t accidentally create a second one, did you?

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I did not,I logged into the same account using the same email and i will contact thunkable staff thanks!

What do you mean by this?

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By the 30 days thing i mean thunkable automatically logs me out after signing in.

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So if you do not access your Thunkable projects for 30 days, it logs you out?


not that but even if I access it it logs me out and I sign in using email and the email they send me says

Click the link below to sign in to Thunkable with your email address. To keep your account secure, this link will expire in 5 minutes. Once you sign in, we will keep you signed in for the next 30 days, and the link expires.

I agree with catsarisky; you will have to contact @Thunkable_Staff to recover what you lost.


If you access Thunkable using email address other than Google then you will have to request access every month.


That’s something new. I created an account using Google, so I didn’t know.

No wonder you’re a Power Thunker! You’re always helping others.




Well,it never happened before. When i get logged out after 30 days it always sends me a link and every thing is normal like before but this time it deleted everthing.

I solved it!I just had to put the first letter in the email address in capital and it worked and this is advice to anyone who has this problem in the future and thanks people who posted above to try to help me.


That’s odd. Email addresses aren’t typically case-sensitive. But glad you found a solution!