My projects automatically got deleted I don't know how?

I don’t how but today I opened my account all my projects were gone. Please help . - my email -

I use thunkable everyday and i didn’t even logged out. But today when i opened thunkable there were no projects of mine. I even tired to logout and then re login but still there were no projects.

This is the link of one of my projects in which i was working.

Please help

Hello @siddharth.gamer09x!
I am sorry to hear about your issue.
We received a request from you on 19 May to delete your account and we were obligated to delete the account with your email address.

In the Thunkable Live app, there’s a “delete account” button in the settings area.

Maybe by mistake, it has been clicked.

But after that, there’s a confirmation pop-up that double-checks whether you actually want to delete your account or not.

But I never did that I don’t know how it happened. Sir is there any way I can get my projects back.
And also screenshots you uploaded are not opening. Even when i open them in new tab it says - GONE. Error.

Sir please can you help recover them?

Hello @siddharth.gamer09x!
I updated the screenshots, please let me know if you still can’t see them.
I also asked the engineers if it would be possible to restore your projects.
Did you try to find the email we send you on 19 May?