Pro account (email) not same with Apple Developer email account

My Apple Developer is A email, my pro account x.thunkable is B email (not the same)
Can i upload my app to app store from B email
and after trans money, how long my acc turn to pro account ?
Thank you

Hello @pdh1982

Its easy you don’t have to upload your app anywhere.
Just generate the link of your app in email A and copy it, and then go to browser search bar in email B, and then paste that link, now your project from email A, will be copied to your email B, and you can do your task.

The way to generate link:
Just go to edit section of your project, and on the right top side, you will see a share buttom, just click on that, and then you a dialog box will open, which will ask you to Share project with API keys and passwords included, and if you have any api or password then you select that and if not, just leave it, and just click on Generate link button and then you can use it for a specific time.



If you have any query, then you can ask.

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