Navigation to a new screen not working


I have a very basic screen. On a button click, i am checked username and pass against an airtable.

If it matches, i update the label to “Matches!” and then i want to navigate to a different screen.

When i put in the correct username and pass, then I am able to see the “Matches!” label update.

But, it doesn’t navigate to the different screen.

What am I doing wrong here.

Here is my project

What am i missing?

Thank you

Hi @ramanbaky, welcome to the Community.

Would you mind also sharing a screenshot of your Airtable table? Just so I can reference it.


Change columnName to the column name you want to search through.


A column in Airtable works the same as a list, so we can incorporate the list blocks and search through it to see if it contains our query.

Hello, is the screenshot of the AirTable

Also, I think that this is a Async/Concurrency issue. If I put a wait for 1 second, it works.

Anyone else seeing this?


Try this fix. the result from airtable is async. this means that if you are dependent upon an airtable response, which you are, then you need to place your code that depends on that data from airtable within the async ‘then do’ section of the code block. the app needs to wait for the response before doing anything else. that delay wouldn’t work if your internet was slower. you would need to change it to match the network latency always

see this shot of your code and what you need to change

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Thank you. That works. It looks like if you have an async call in a function, that whole function becomes async.

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That is usually the best bet. I’m glad i could help! great work! :mechanical_arm:

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