How to code a lookup function

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My name is Andre and I’m new to Thunkable, learning a lot and loving it!
Although, I do need some help or advice if possible?

I’m trying to build an app whereby my second page asks for the users email address, it will run a search function in Airtable to check if they’re in the database, if true then they move onto the welcome back screen, and if false they will be directed to the registration screen.

The issue I’m dealing with is that at first I could get to the registration screen as the “check” was false, but no info captured saved to Airtable, nor firebase. I’ve change the blocks so many times and now I’m just stuck and in need of some help.


Welcome to Thunkable.

Your question is so general but if you can show what you tried and share the project link then one can see what is doing on and provide you with suggestions.

No one will know what “check” was false and in what screen and what is it for until you share the blocks or better share the project link.

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In the first image the app is only supposed to do a basic check, so when the client enters their email address and click next, it will run the basic blocks

If their info is in Airtable, then it should take them to the Welcome back screen

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I havent used aur table but according the below link (Thunkable Air table documentation), you dont need the create object just the text.

perhaps this will be helpful for you?

If you read through the thread it mentions how to do a lookup in airtable also.


Do something like this

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