Inconsistency in results returned from Airtable

Does anyone else have the problem when live testing that the results returned from a query to Airtable are not consistent?
If so how do I fix this?
I have added a 3 second delay and most of the time the full results are returned, but this is inefficient.

See my example of working with AirTable on the scrAirTable screen. Does it work for you well?

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Sorry, no. There are no airtable functions on scrairtable

Your words surprise me a little. You do not have these blocks on the screen?


To run my project, you do not need to do remix (otherwise access to the database will be closed and nothing will work).

Doing nested loops with Internet requests inside them is a bad decision. Solve the problem sequentially.

  1. First, find the app User Id. If it is successfully found, then
  2. find the information in the following table. If this information is found,
  3. then find the information in the last table.

And your algorithm spars in cycles even without checking for errors! Of course there will be problems.

Remember for the future. If your application uses a block with a delay, then in 99% this indicates that the algorithm is incorrectly composed.

Thanks I’ll give it a go and let you know the reslults.



  1. If I were you, I would not use the app global variables. Use function variables instead which work more reliably.

  2. Try to solve the problem sequentially. First look, the first GetAllRows block returns the correct Pharmacy value? If so, then indicate it in the second block and verify that this block returns the correct value Pharmacy Name? And so on.