My code is not working

I did the last test to release the app. But I get an error.
I want to hide the data viewer list when the screen is opened and show the data viewer list again after the code works. Button 46 and label 32 all work normally, but only the data viewer list is not continuously displayed. It used to work fine, but it suddenly stopped working since yesterday. What’s wrong?

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Why do you have on top AdMob_Banner3 but you do not have Button46 but in the end of the code you do not have AdMob_Banner3 but you have Button46?

The code is confusing.

I’m not sure what you mean. The blocks you have above should hide the Data Viewer List (DVL) and then show it after the other blocks run. What happens when you preview this? Does it hide and then show or something else?

What happens if you change a label’s text (e.g. to “START”) right before the first block and change it to something else right before the last block (e.g. to “END”)? Do you see START… and then END? Knowing that will help me help you. Because it’s possible something in your other blocks or your custom function are preventing the rest of the blocks from running.

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i don’t see end

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Can you show an image with your block and the labels in it?

If you cannot see END then it means there is an error preventing the code from continuing. This error could be in your function.

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Everything else works, but only this data viewer 3 is not shown. The label disappears.

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What @tatiang meant is to add a Label to your screen and in the start of your block write in the label Start and in the end of your block write in the label End.

When you open your screen see if the label has Start then there is an error in your code. If the label has End then your code is running OK.

See this image for clarification


ok It suddenly works normally. This time it doesn’t work. At 10 or 9, it suddenly stops working. It works until I draw, and after that it doesn’t work. Why?

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When I test it with a computer, it works fine, but when I test it with a cell phone, it doesn’t work.

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Are you using a stored variable in your app?

Are you using Loading Icon?

nono That’s a different screen. The loading icon is not displayed. It’s an app variable, not a cloud.

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Remove the Web Viewer URL block and test it without this block.

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If you watch the news until n10, the news doesn’t appear after that. Why? I’m the one who got your help a few days ago.

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I did not understand what you want. If you have 10 news rows and you watched each and every one of them then you expect to have no news.

Or are you asking about something else?

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