Make a variable bold and text normal weight and time italic

They are setting the background color to whatever the user chooses. Where are you seeing bold and italic text together in a single label? Post a screenshot from that project link you shared.

this is the link : Thunkable

Alright well, good luck. I can’t help you any further because you’re not answering my questions or providing a screenshot like I asked.

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ok i will do sceen shot

in this i did just like this oly

this is not a label this is a list viewer i know you cannot do that but is there any way like table ? i don’ know like how use table

You said there was a project that has an example of bold and italic text together in one label but you haven’t been able to provide any evidence of that.

We’ve told you it’s not possible with the built-in properties in Thunkable but @muneer has offered a possible solution. So that’s your only option.

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ok ( ̄︶ ̄))