Lyric Not Coming Via Web API Component

I made an App Earlier Which used the same WEB API but Now Its Not Working

I am a Huge One Direction fan So i thought of Using the same API to build a 1D Lyrics App.
It Shows That I need Two Parameters.

It says that I need an Artist name and Song Name To get The lyrics
In The First App, I Allowed the user to enter the artist name and Song Or Title Name.
But, In this App, I made the Link :

So the user would enter the Song Name And The Lyrics Will Appear.

Then, it Also States That I need to get the lyrics from the property “Lyrics”

So, I Also did that and as it comes in JSON Format, I Also got the object From the JSON Block But It Was Not Working

Please Help me
I can’t Understand Whether this is a bug or Component issue

Click Here For Project link

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Hey @anush_bh20910

In your URL your searching for lyrics from “One Direction”

Does that space character need to be escaped?

Hi there,

The Web API Get block has an error output block.

You can use blocks like the following to 1) check if there is an error and 2) if there is, display the error message:

If you see an error message, please share it here so we can advise you on what to do to resolve it!

If there is no error, I would recommend setting Label1’s text to ‘response’, so that you will see the whole JSON response. If you get the whole JSON response, then you can try getting a property of that response and see if that works for you.

a url cannot have space try using + sign instead space

This URL works for me in Thunkable: Direction/Story Of My Life

It seems like Thunkable handles spaces in API URLs just fine.

You are missing a trailing slash in your URL. The first part of the “join” block should be: Direction/

not Direction

Thanks, I used That earlier when i was trying to fix the bug myself but It Didn’t Work.
But Thank you for The Suggestion :slight_smile: I would try using it if it happens again

Ok, Thank You So Much
It slipped my mind that it needs a trailing Slash.
I am doing it right Now.
Again thank You :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome!