App not working when installed on my phone Android

I copy the tuto " How to use the thunkable Web API: Lyrics App". It works on my PC and phone (Live Test). Then I download the apk file, install on my Android phone, launch it. The App starts, but when I click the button to get the lyrics, no result… It works in “Live Test”…
Any idea ?
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Hi, @CDY44! :wave:

If you could provide a screenshot of your blocks and .APK file, it would be helpful for us to see what’s not working.

Thanks! :blush:

Hi Kartik14,
In fact, after a deep investigation, I notice that the App works on my phone when installed, but the request about lyrics is very, very long to arrive on my phone… It’s why I thought that it did’nt work
May be a problem of connection to internet…

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Has anyone ever encountered this kind of problem of slow reception of data from a web API? (The example is: