How Can I use this API

Hi there,
I am a beginner of the Web API.I would have to start to learn and use Web API.

I have found some docs and I did this but what should I do next?

Here is the API URL what I’m using



Place block Web_API1 URL before Get.

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But I still don’t get any thing from api after clicked button.

It is necessary to replace the block in then do these sections

If < status = 200
do Label1.Text < generate JSON from Object < responce
else Label1.Text < error

What is displayed in Label1.Text?

Block interface :sweat_smile:

Yes, language programming blocks :sunglasses:

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Symbol < is used in the blocks, so I suggest the <-. Still need to come up with symbols for units. I’ve been using | (or without them would be clearer). I am waiting for suggestions.

If <- | status | = 200
do | Label1.Text | <- | generate JSON from object | <- | responce |
do <- | Label1.Text | <- | error |

To begin, make a browser request and receive data.

typical example API KEY

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Hi, @BlueWhaleYT ! :smile:

To be honest,
I can’t get for what purpose you want to use API :sweat_smile:

Do you want to count your Subscribers? or else?

Please specify :slight_smile:

Thanks! :blush: