What is use of Web API

What is the use of web api in thunkable x…?
How it is blocked and used?

An example of use you can see in the documentation.




I have read this. But i cant understand what is exact use. Can you explain?

Can i get data from a website using web api and use in my app to access it?

Yes. In my example above, it just shows how to get time from a web service. Create on your site a server script on php for example and send it requests for any data.

Can i use third party website to access their data in my app. How?

If the third party site has an API, then yes.

Here’s a nice intro:


Thanks for your reply.
How i know that the website has API and how i get it and use it?

Plz reply.

To do this, enter the name of the site, service, company, and “api” in the Google search bar, for example: facebook api, apple api, and the like. If api is there, then links to it will appear in the search results.

Or you can write a letter to the site administrator and ask if this site has an api.


Ok. If a website has API then what to do next?

See the documentation and examples on how to use it, which there is in most cases, and make your example on their basis.

You could try this example to get an idea of how APIs work:

It is very hard. Im leaving the project :neutral_face::cry::cry::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

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Tell us what task you need to solve, and we’ll answer if it can be done in Thunkable X or not.

I have explained in detail in thunkable classic discussion what i expect…

Plz try if you can try it.

To retrieve data from the site are used by parsers of data from sites. But this topic is not relevant to Thunkable.

Ok fine.

I need to read a WS Api that show this kind of JSON: Could you explaine me how do you do?
Many thanks



When working with JSON, you have fields in either the object or in the array. In this case, objects and arrays can be nested into each other, as in your case.

Imagine JSON data as a house with many floors and rooms. To get into the house, first you need to open the external door - the object “GetPuntiRTResult”, after that you need to go up to the desired floor (choose an index in the array []), for example, 1. After that, you need to open the door of the room “TFP_Punti”. To verify the correctness of your movement around the house at each step with Label.Text, check what data is returned.

If you can not make such an algorithm in any way, you can send me a link to your project.

your explanation is very clear but :wink: I cannot understand how do that sorry … my JSONs data are all structured in this way.
Please could you help me first time? thanks. Andrea