About lyrics ovh api

I have used lyrics ovh api in my app it is showing null as a result, please help .

You’ll need to provide more information.

What is the full url that you are using to access the API? Does it work when entered into a browser? Post a screenshot of your blocks.

I checked lyrics ovh website https://lyrics.ovh/ in order to find the documentation but when I test to find the lyrics on their website didn’t work so I think that the API doesn’t work anymore

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As @John_Rouger mentioned, it may be that their API no longer works.

The API requires a url in this format:


So an example of a well-known song would be:


But this returns the result, in a browser:

{“error”:“No lyrics found”}

So you would need to provide an example of a url, tested in a browser (without Thunkable), that returns a valid set of lyrics.

My guess is that you will need to find a different API that still works.

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